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Drawing on 14 years of experience and a staff of seasoned and highly dedicated logisticians, our company provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions for even the most difficult logistical challenges. Our Global network of agents is our centerpiece for providing true door-to-door service and the supply chain management needed in today’s logistics world.

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Courageous businessmen with bold ideas need equally strong partners. In your case, a global logistic provider who can help you ship your goods all over the world. We that partner whom you can rely on, that can send, supervise and make sure your goods arrive safely at their destination. With a truly global office network, covering all the key points in the world, no place is unreachable. Just think of a destination and call us.

We will make it possible!


We acquired a considerable experience about the industry, an in-depth knowledge of how our market works and we learnt what customers really expect from their service provider. Thus, we created Airborne Global Services as an agile organization, fast in creating customized solutions, flexible in accommodating any requirements and quick in reactions to overcome any challenges. Just think about a difficult scenario and give us a call.

We will solve it for you!


Common values are needed to build a long-lasting partnership. Reliability earned in time, strong governance and compliance, loyalty, the desire to always solve engagements and a long term-vision are our main attributes. Values are intrinsically based on the human factor that we value so much.

For us, people make the difference!


We combine the strength, coverage and expertise of our global network with our local flexibility, tailor-made solutions and close support in order to provide you a great customer experience.

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